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CISCO, Microsoft & Samsung Teams Up to Turn Your Video Call Blues into a Breeze!

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CISCO, Microsoft & Samsung Teams Up to Turn Your Video Call Blues into a Breeze!

Still having issues with virtual meetings, video calls and online interaction in 2024? A solution is brewing from the three biggest tech giants!

More or less 98% of meetings happen online nowadays. Especially if they involve participants from different parts of the world. Still, even reaching the tipping point of technological revolution, slowed video meetings for many reasons such as internet bandwidth, voice and video clash, unsupportive software and hardware etc. have us question our wit!

Whether timely or permanently, to put a nail in the coffin, CISCO, Samsung and Microsoft join hands towards a more supportive, collaborative and smooth video conferencing experience in near future. Public release of the product(s) also happened after the meeting, with immediate purchase.

The Integrated Systems: Europe (ISE) 2024

Barcelona, January 30th: It was in the meeting when the announcement was made about this collaboration and a strategic, technologically advanced solution to such a seemingly insignificant issue.

Also coined as the CISCO Room Series, the alliance featuring the combined strength of Samsung’s signage displays, Cisco’s RoomOS-powered appliances and Microsoft’s AI software integration are hoped to eliminate the element of “distance” between meeting participants.

Purpose-built Cisco devices for Microsoft Teams, further integrated with Cisco verified displays from Samsung, featuring 4K-and-5K UHD displays. As for using AI, it’ll boost overall speech, camera, and audio outcome to make the meetings more meaningful, and timely managed.

Benefits of the Collaborative Approach

  • Deeper, more Immersive Viewing Aesthetics: For virtual meetings to feel real and happening at the place, Samsung took a bold step, bringing in its ultimate 5K powerhouse with 5120 × 2160 pixels to deliver a lifelike experience. But with more crisper, sharper graphics and vibrant colors.
  • Synchronized Deployment and Management: You’ll no longer need to run after the IT and admin staff at the start, in-between or even after the meeting as everything’s fully managed by Microsoft’s admin center and CISCO’s control hub.
  • Redefining Interoperability: Users can conveniently join the meetings (both Microsoft Teams and/or Webex) on the same device. Say goodbye to system reconfiguration and reboot.

Messages from Key Representatives

“In today’s era of hybrid work, it is essential that workspaces are reimagined to enable great collaboration. This means outfitting conference rooms with intelligent video systems designed to bring immersive collaboration experiences to all participants, regardless of their location.  Through our collaboration with these industry leaders, we’re delivering something we call Distance Zero, eliminating second-class experiences no matter where you are working.” — Jeetu Patel, EVP and General Manager, Security & Collaboration, Cisco.

“Our vision is to deliver enhanced collaboration experiences that meet the needs of today’s hybrid workforce for all organizations and workspaces. We are pleased that the collaboration between Cisco and Samsung supports this vision, with integrated solutions supporting equitable meeting experiences that organizations can deploy and manage at scale.” — Ilya Bukshteyn, VP, Microsoft Teams Calling and Devices, Microsoft.

“We’ve entered a new era in which hybrid work is an integral part of the work experience. Employees simply must be able to have full functionality while working online. Our partnership with Cisco provides users with an accessible work environment, and at the center of that is our 105-inch QPD-5K display that gives users the feeling they are sitting in the same room as their colleagues.” — Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics.

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